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It's time everyone everywhere has access to a toilet

Today 2.4 billion people don't have one so they spend hours of their day searching for a safe place to go. gives people the tools they need to fund their own sanitation solutions because we believe it's time for toilets for all.

We can live in a world where all people can get clean water and proper toilets at home, at school, and at work. Let's make it happen. I look forward to the day when everyone everywhere has access to a toilet."

Matt Damon, Co-Founder,

Celebrate World Toilet Day

Share these graphics to tell others you believe it's time everyone everywhere has access to a toilet.

A toilet is a beautiful thing

For Nancy and her children a hole in the ground or a secluded alley was their only sanitation option, until helped them build a toilet at home. Celebrate Nancy's story with us.