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No other invention has saved more lives than the toilet, yet 2.4 billion people — about 1-in-3 — lack access to one. Toilets improve health, bolster access to education, and give men and women the time they need to be productive. With your support, we can unlock brighter futures for families around the world.


When Hamsaveni and Rajesh decided to construct a toilet in their home, they knew it would change their daughters' futures. By using their new toilet, the couple now saves enough time and money to support their daughters, and send them both to school. Every day of the week.

For Rajesh, the goal has always been clear: "We want to give them a good education. We wish for them both to have bright futures."



Muhayanti recently moved her family from Jakarta to a picturesque rural village in Indonesia. Some changes were welcome — the clean air, and the quiet streets — but others caused her great strife. Muhayanti was spending much of her day finding a safe space for her daughter to relieve herself.

She knew she needed to make a change, so Muhayanti took out a small WaterCredit loan, and built a private toilet for her family. Now, her daughter and the rest of her family can use the toilet in their home. And Muhayanti can spend time making colorful rugs, which help her pay back the small loan, and provide her family with a financial boost.


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"Living without safe and private sanitation results in more violence and disease, with fewer girls gaining educations … which results in less opportunity for the next generation."

Steph Goralnick

"We take for granted the little things in life that seem like bare necessities. I don't want to experience a world where women live in fear because they have to 'go' outside."

Zoey Deutch

"I've been able to travel with, and have seen what improved sanitation can do for a community. I look forward to the day that everyone has access to a toilet."

Benjamin Heath



As a mother of six living in rural India, Nusrat explains her morning ritual: "[My children and I] had to go to the field for defecation. The fields are filled with human waste. In such unhealthy conditions, the chance of catching a new disease is high, and the chance to recover from an illness is low."

Nusrat couldn't bear to watch her children fall ill any longer, so she took out a WaterCredit loan to construct a toilet in her home. In the year that has passed, her children haven't gotten sick. Not even once.



More than half the Ugandan population currently lacks access to a toilet. Every day, this leaves 23 million men, women, and children living in the East African country without a safe, private space to go.

One community at a time, we are working with local partners and families to change this. The man in this photo is standing proudly in front of the toilets and bathing stalls which he helped build. Toilets which will provide his family, and five others living close-by, the ability to relieve themselves safely and in peace.


"Nobody wants to talk about toilets. It isn't table conversation, so it isn't conversation. However, the fact is there are hundreds of millions of people who don't have access."


"I am extremely grateful that my children have access to clean water and toilets. That's why I am joining with to talk about the importance of sanitation."

Shawn Roller

"Thanks to, people all around the world are getting access to toilets — making going to the bathroom, easy, safe, and dignified for everyone."

Dan Cohen